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Blogging. Better than Writing a Paper.

In my experience of writing multiple papers, long and short, I believe that blogging is a much better method of a writing assignment. Yes it isnt formal writing like the essays are, but honestly, have you ever seen a five paragraph essay that is turned into a boss? Yeah I didnt think so. The reason blogging is much better is because it lets the student express their true feelings about a subject and it not be marked down on biased opinions by the teacher. Every time I write a paper in school, the teacher will always say, “Well I dont agree with the point that you just made in this paragraph.” My response to that is, “Well I think you should open up your mind to some new ideas because your perspective on the matter is not the only opinion that is right or even wrong.” I believe a blog will release the true learnings of students because blogging is not really looked at as an assignment. The more that something feels like it is assigned, the more a student or anyone has less motivation to accomplish it. Im not saying they wont do a good job on the assignment, but blogging allows the student as well as the teacher to have a little fun and express their true feelings and let their creative minds kick in instead of their boring assignment mind. I think this blog was a much better assignment then a paper, and I think that other teachers should conform to this method or at least progressively switch over to some forms of writing such as this. 


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How Can MotorSports be Effected by Social Media

Social media sites have a very large impact on many things in our society including motorsports. Although the actual sport might not alter from the presentation that is posted up on the media sites, it could effect the turn out of the amount of supporters one team or racer has at a certain event. This in fact might raise the chances of the racer because of the amount of the supporters that are there to see him race. 

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Safety, Is It Worth The Extra Buck?

Safety, Is It Worth The Extra Buck?

This system will save the lives of many people who plan to use an ATV vehicle. The roll cage will protect you whether you are racing or just trail riding.

This cage will renovate the safety precautions that are taken for creating a safe and durable piece of machinery.

8-piece roll cage includes a bumper, roll bars, and over fender flares that are guaranteed to revolutionary safe off road vehicle.

What is your safety worth? For 290 dollars, you could receive a complete safety modification that could potentially save your life.

Your safety kit can be purchased through any Yamaha dealer ship in the country, and can even be delivered to your door by ordering online.

This item is just one of the many products that Yamaha is offering as an aftermarket part to give riders a greater sense of safety.

For the Owners who are just trying to give their ATV a more personalized look, this is a great way to add your own touch to your vehicle.

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QUADSKI: Who Do I Give My Money To!!!

The QuadSki is a new invention that has been thought about for years. If you are like me, your only concern is who do I give my money to and when can I pick it up. The only concern now is how much is this Quadski. Well hold on to your hats. The price of this machine is a whopping 40,000 dollars before tax. Im just a college student but, if you have the money to spend, I would get this.


Everyone who has ever riden an offroad vehicle such as an ATV has taken it through some shallow or even deep water. Up until now, no one has been able to ride along the open plains and offroad trails and go straight to zipping across the water, but the QuadSki aims to change your views on that concept.

The Quadski is neither the world’s most daunting off-road vehicle nor the most agile of personal watercraft–but it’s the first to be enthrallingly adept at both. This type of technology has been used before in military vehicles, but its has never been commercially sold to consumers.


Although this wonderful piece of machinery is an excellent multitasking work of art, some consumers are worried about the look of it. It is a very bulky contraption that cannot fit through tight areas, and transporting the vehicle will be hard enough as is. All I can say to these comments is, give Gibbs Motorsports some time to perfect their masterpiece. Nothing is ever perfect the first time it is made. A lot of the issues that were mentioned I can almost guarantee, if the company is still in production, will be fixed.




A Different Perspective

For a different perspective on motorsports, Im looking at this from a film producers point of view and how it can create a prosperous documentary or even movie. In the examples below, I will show examples of movies that you have probably either seen or heard of that have been prosperous.


Now I know that everyone has atleast heard of this movie called Ghost Rider. Yes we all know it was not that great of a movie but it did really well in the box office. This movie created an aspect where the main character is attached to his motorcycle.


This is another movie that everyone has heard of that is called Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift. This entire movie revolves around the sport of drifting in Tokyo. The main character is forced to learn how to drift in order to beat another racer to save a young woman and prove that he is the best. The sport of drifting was utilized in this movie to relate to a younger audience in order to attract more viewers.


This movie was made back in the 90’s and is still one of my favorite movies of all time. This movie stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. This is a pure motorsport movie about Nascar racing. The actors in the movie storm around the track at 200 MPH in pure, adrenaline filled action scraping against the walls and trading paint. If you are into any type of racing no matter if its Nascar or not, this movie will encourage you to watch more motorsports in your daily routine.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to see more movies about motorsports, leave a comment and I will give a list of specific movies that I think would fit what you are looking for.

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Lake Elsinore Motocross Showdown

This race was held at Lake Elsinore recently and has brandished a winner by the name of Blake Bagget. This was an extremely close race up until the last couple of laps. His opponent, Eli Tomac is trailing Bagget by 14 points in the overall standing within the 250 class. Tomac tries to pass Bagget but cannot and falls far behind.

In this video you can actually see Tomac’s frustration when he rips his goggles off his helmet and throws them in the middle of the race. This can be seen in the video below.

As I had promised, I have found a crash video of someone trying to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Now, you tell me, what do you think this guys first mistake was?